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Jorge Salmay

The Full Story

Jorge Salmay was born in Mexico City, Mexico. He studied a bachelor's degree in Composition in Mexico City and a master's degree in Film Composition in Seattle, WA. He is known for his work as a composer for Televisa in Mexico City, where he has scored soap operas such as "El Color de la Pasión" and "Amores con Trampa", both having great success in Mexican and international television. Jorge has also worked on major films, shows and video games such as  "Spirit and Friends", "Honor of Kings:World", "Wish Dragon", "50 Shades Freed", "Christopher Robin" amongst others and recently scored a Warner Bros Discovery show coming soon to Discovery +. Besides all the media work he does, he is also the lead composer for the metal band "Anna Fiori". He currently resides in Los Angeles, CA.

Jorge Conducting.png
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